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An ideal spot for beachside vacations, Hilton Head Island is a must-see destination for anybody visiting Lowcountry. There’s plenty to do, especially for people who enjoy the water, including parasailing, shark fishing, beach visits, and cruises, but it isn’t limited to that either. With plenty of space to enjoy both low and high-intensity sports, it’s easy to stay active while you’re on holiday. Visit scenic, lush golf courses, explore the island by bike at your own pace, or perfect your pickleball and tennis techniques, then enjoy some of the fine dining Hilton Head has to offer to cap off your day. While you’re in town for autumn, here are some fun things to do in Hilton Head Island and great spots we recommend visiting.

Harbour Town Lighthouse

A significant landmark to Hilton Head Island, the Harbour Town Lighthouse is an easily recognizable attraction for anyone familiar with the island, and it’s a great spot to visit during your vacation. Whether you’re looking to take the informative Lighthouse Legends Tour or you’re just there for the stunning view at the top, a lot of effort has gone into making the lighthouse a charitable and visitor friendly experience.

Admission to the lighthouse is a modest $4.95, with children 5 and under getting in for free, and a portion of the proceeds are annually donated to local charitable causes. Over the past 26 years, they’ve managed to donate over $150,000 dollars to good causes, so stop by, visit the gift shop, and see the view from the top.

Boat Tours with Mermaid of Hilton Head

When visiting Hilton Head Island, it’s essential to get on the water at least once to really soak up the view, and Mermaid of Hilton Head does a splendid job offering a few different cruises to see the scenic sunsets and wildlife of the area.

Their two main tours are the Sunset Cruise and the Dolphin Experience. The Sunset Cruise offers a gorgeous trip onto the water with the sunset over the marshes as a backdrop. Running at roughly 75 minutes, expect to catch a glimpse of dolphins and other marine wildlife while you capture timeless photos of the Hilton Head sunset. Their Dolphin Experience is great to bring the kids along on, as they’re sure to enjoy getting great views of the wildlife and learning about them while they’re at it.

The Annual Hilton Head Pumpkin Patch Festival

Bring the kids along to see Hilton Head’s ultimate Halloween event. Built in a safe and secure environment, this festival is a guaranteed good time for families. Shelter Cove is loaded up to the brim with pumpkins courtesy of the Island Recreation Association, and kids are welcome to pick out their own pumpkin to paint and decorate however they like.

There’s more to enjoy than just the pumpkin patch, too, as you can expect to see bounce houses, animals, and plenty of vendors offering snacks and more. Kids are also welcome to participate in the Halloween costume contest, where multiple awards for the scariest, funniest, overall best, and more types of costumes will be given out. Bring your kids along for the hayrides, face painting, and possibly even a petting zoo and pony rides.

Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf

Mini golf is a great time during all seasons, but it’s even better when the summer sun isn’t beating down on you and you can enjoy the cool breeze in the gorgeous autumn weather. Pirates and Halloween go hand in hand, too, making this a choice location to visit for a splendidly themed mini golf outing. The course will start you at a seaside village, bring you through caves full of buried treasure, and treat you to plenty of streams, bridges, and waterfalls. They also run an annual charity event that donates to charities that support wounded veterans, so stop by and support a great business by putting for a great cause.

Gregg Russell Playground and Harbour Town

Named for a musician who has been performing music under the Liberty Oak for over 40 years, the Gregg Russell Playground has a large treehouse built around a live oak and has several adjacent spots for the kids to play. Sit back and relax while the kids have their fun, and when you’re ready to leave, there’s plenty to do nearby in Harbour Town proper.

Head into town and experience some of the fine dining Hilton Head has to offer. Pick up sweets at the country store, have a casual burger at Harbourside, or get some fresh local seafood overlooking the Yacht Basin at The Crazy Crab. Maybe you’ll even get the chance to see the iconic Gregg Russell play a show while you’re in town, really completing the essential Hilton Head experience.

Find Your Perfect Vacation Spot

At Coastal Vacation Rentals, we offer Homes and Villas of different sizes, all suited to accommodate you and ensure your stay on Hilton Head Island is as magical as it can be. Some of our locations are pet friendly, as well, so if you’re planning on travelling with the family pet, then have a look. Book with us now to reserve your unique Hilton Head experience.

Coastal Vacation Rentals prides itself in our understanding of the specific needs of a vacation home, both on behalf of the specific needs of the property owner and the desires of guests. With a prodigious portfolio of successful properties, rentals are sure to both meet and exceed the expectations of all different kinds of guests, ensuring that properties remain profitable, successful, and marketable.

Comprehensive Inspections and Inventory Management

A lot of work has to go into every aspect of property management. Inspections need to be regularly carried out to ensure property integrity and functionality, that way it can be assured that nothing goes wrong or breaks at a crucial moment during a guest’s stay. Inspections are carried out on multiple levels, offering comprehensive coverage from structural stability to high standards of cleanliness. Both a cleaning team supervisor and Property Manager handle inspections, ensuring multiple pairs of eyes with different but important skill sets inspect every bit of the property.

Part of successfully managing a property is making sure that you have a comprehensive list of everything that belongs in the home and where it’s supposed to be. Layout is important, and can really bring the entire property together, and of course having a full inventory list is the best way to keep unruly guests accountable.

Inventory lists will include anything you desire, commonly including things such as furnishings, artwork, dishware, cookware, flatware, linens, and beyond. This ensures that, during inspections, the checklist can be used to verify everything is exactly where it should be, and in what condition. Wear and tear are to be expected in any location where somebody stays, so it is highly recommended that heirlooms or important keepsakes are either taken from the property or stored in a locked owners’ closet before your guests arrive.

 Thorough Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of running a successful rental property, and to that end Coastal Vacation Rentals coordinates and manages cleaning services for you. Cleaning and maintenance will both be overseen, directed, and duly compensated for services rendered. You won’t even have to worry about distributing the payments yourself.

Coastal Vacation Rentals will also work with any Condo or Homeowners Associations to ensure that the property is up to their standards. Rules will be documented and followed to ensure that both the property and any potential guests are following guidelines.

Preventative Measures

The best way to stop a problem from happening is getting ahead of it before it can become an issues. To that end, Coastal Vacation Rentals utilizes a set of procedures in order to prevent any unnecessary expenditures or damage to an owner’s property.

Creating a great relationship with guests from the very first interaction helps to ensure that they will show your property the same respect they were shown prior. Building a customer/client relationship based on respect means that the same respect will ideally be shown to rental properties.

A welcome folder will also be prepared with specific instructions and rules by which the guest must abide, ranging from community expectations, such as noise ordinances, to step by step instructions on how to operate things like gas fireplaces and showers.

Taking care of smaller issues before they can be exacerbated also helps save a lot of money down the line. Coastal Vacation Rentals will inspect things like HVAC filters, smoke alarms, doors in need of adjustment, latches, deadbolts, caulking and grouting, and so on. Preventative measures such as this require a much smaller up-front cost than whatever the expenditure will have to be if something completely breaks down. Working with reputable contractors and avoiding procrastination helps ensure the guest has the best stay possible, and the property remains in its best condition.

Guest Issues and Concerns

Due to the varied nature of guests at any vacation property, Coastal Vacation Rentals has gained experience in handling guests from all walks of life and their specific expectations for their stay. One of the best preventative measures that can be taken is ensuring that only the very best of guests are selected to stay at your property, but even the very best of guests can run into unexpected problems. Guest issues are approached on a case-by-case basis in accordance with South Carolina Landlord/Tenant law, down to keeping the appropriate paper trail. In the vast majority of situations, you won’t even have to handle the issue yourself, as minor issues are something that need to be solved regularly, though property owners will be informed of any issues big or small. If a problem is particularly egregious, Coastal Vacation Rentals will contact the owner to work out a specific solution.

Comprehensive Accounting and Statements

Property owners will be provided with monthly statements that itemize both income and expenses. To that end, Coastal Vacation Rentals has partnered with Streamline, offering owners platforms and application for smartphones and tablets. This condenses and simplifies viewing and sorting through statements, and at the end of the year, a 1099 will be prepared to ensure all tax information has been accurately documented.

Make Your Rental Property the Best It Can Be

With the host of services offered by Coastal Vacation Rentals, you’ll be in the best of hands, and your property will be the best version of itself that it can be. Call now or submit a free rental evaluation online!