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Listing Services

MANAGING INQUIRIES | Coastal Vacation Rentals is responsible for managing and responding to all phone calls, e-mails, fax transmissions, or office walk-ins. Some inquiries are simply visitors exploring the area and attempting to learn about the vacation rental market, however it is necessary that you have someone available to handle inquiries for the Guest(s) who are “ready to book.”

BOOKING PROCESS | Every aspect of the booking process is professionally managed by Coastal Vacation Rentals. Thorough Guest screening is crucial to successful property management.

RENTAL COLLECTION | Coastal Vacation Rentals collects all rent payments, taxes, cleaning fees, deposits and/or property damage insurance for every group of Guests.

RENTAL | LEASE AGREEMENTS | Guests that occupy your property must complete the rental agreement and all necessary paperwork prior to occupancy.

TIMELY RENT COLLECTION | Coastal Vacation Rentals collects all rental funds at least 30 days prior to Guest arrival, except in “last minute booking” situations in which the Guest is booking a property for a timeframe that is less than 30 days in advance, in which case the Guest would be required to pay the final balance upon execution of the rental agreement. This process avoids and issues of nonpayment or personal checks that don’t clear. Coastal Vacation Rentals ensures that your property is in compliance with South Carolina law.

ACCOUNTING INFORMATION | Coastal Vacation Rentals keeps detailed and accurate accounting of all incoming and outgoing funds. All advance rent and security deposits are held in separate escrow or trust accounts which are located at a banking institution in the state of Florida, which is required by South Carolina law. Coastal Vacation Rentals accounts for each owner’s funds separately and does not co-mingle funds with broker monies, following SCREC requirements. To better enable Coastal Vacation Rentals to pay expenditures as they become due, Owner’s accounts may have a required ‘minimum balance’ or ‘maintenance reserve/slush fund’.

DETERMINING RENTAL RATES | Supply and demand determine the local rental markets and it is important that your property have a rental rate that is comparable to similar properties. The rental market is constantly changing and Coastal Vacation Rentals relies on diligent research and local knowledge to determine the appropriate rental rate.

GUEST CHECK-IN | Check-in procedures are detailed in the rental agreement and the Coastal Vacation Rentals Welcome Folder,each guest is provided with copies of both. Coastal Vacation Rentals makes every attempt to meet each Guest at the property to answer any questions and/or explain any specific information or property features.

GUEST CHECK-OUT | Check-out procedures are detailed in the rental agreement and the Coastal Vacation Rentals Welcome Folder,each guest is provided with copies of both. Coastal Vacation Rentals utilizes the detailed property inventory between every guest to ensure that all items in your property remain in your property and in working order. Any items missing or damaged are deducted from the security deposit.

WELCOME FOLDER | Upon receipt of final payment, Coastal Vacation Rentals provides the guest with a “Welcome Folder.” This detailed packet gives them additional information on how to care for the property, report repairs, maintain the property, make timely payments, leave the property in good condition, necessary access codes, etc.

PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE | We broker property damage insurance for our guests and require either the purchase of a policy or a security deposit.

DEPOSITS | REFUNDS | Proper handling of security deposits and refunds is crucial and governed by South Carolina law. Any Guest deductions are determined in a timely manner, and a security deposit transmittal is prepared in accordance with state laws.