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Peace of Mind for Your Hilton Head Home


Coastal Vacation Rentals will perform regular inspections of your property to ensure property integrity and functionality.


Taking the time to prepare your property for each guest is a very important aspect of successfully managing a property. Inspections are handled by both our cleaning team supervisor and a Property Manager, so that we can ensure your guests have a wonderful stay.


If your Hilton Head property is governed by a condominium or homeowners association, it is imperative that it is in compliance with such association. Coastal Vacation Rentals will maintain familiarity with the governing documents and plantation rules and regulations to ensure that your property and Guest(s) remain in compliance.


Coastal Vacation Rentals will partner with you to take an accurate and detailed inventory of your property (furnishings, artwork, dishes, cookware, flatware, linens etc.). This inventory checklist will be utilized to verify that all of your belongings remain in your property and remain uncompromised. An itemized inventory is crucial to ensure you are properly compensated for any missing items or damage incurred to the property. Please be advised that normal wear and tear is, of course, expected in a vacation rental property. We strongly recommend that all personal keepsakes and valuables be removed or stored in your locked Owners’ closet prior to guest occupancy.


Our Hilton Head property management team coordinates and manages all cleaning and maintenance services, including overseeing the scope of work, collecting and reviewing invoices, and distributing payments.

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Coastal Vacation Rentals has experience handling the myriad of Guest concerns that may occur. Of course, Coastal Vacation Rentals’ goal is to obtain the very best of Guests, thereby eliminating many issues. However, even great Guests have problems! Coastal Vacation Rentals treats each Guest issue on a case-by-case basis with a common sense approach, follows South Carolina Landlord/Tenant law, and uses the appropriate documentation. If the situation is serious (rarely), Coastal Vacation Rentals contacts the Owner, and works to find a solution for the problem.

other notices

Coastal Vacation Rentals serves notices as warranted, in instances such as HOA rules and regulation violations, landscape cleanup notices, unregistered pet and/or unregistered Guests notices, etc. These Guest violations may be in the form of a letter or a legal notice. Often, these notices are simply to correct minor Guest problems and most Guests comply without incident. If necessary, the Property Manager will contact the Owner to discuss the situation.


Coastal Vacation Rentals provides property Owners with monthly statements itemizing income and expenses for the specified month. Our software partner, Streamline, offers owner platforms and apps for smartphones and tablets. At year end, a 1099 will be prepared for you by our team to ensure appropriate documentation for tax purposes.


Coastal Vacation Rentals immediately informs Owners of any issues impacting the property.


We believe that the best approach to maintaining property integrity is “preventative maintenance.” Coastal Vacation Rentals has very high expectations in regards to the integrity of the property. We believe that a proactive approach can help prevent major repair issues and more costly maintenance. Coastal Vacation Rentals utilizes the following procedures to help prevent any unnecessary maintenance situations:

  • Building a relationship with the Guests from the very first interaction.Our philosophy is that if we take great care of your Guests, they will take better
    care of your property.
  • Providing guests with the “Coastal Vacation Rentals Welcome Folder,” which provides additional instructions on the care of the property and how to report
    maintenance issues.
  • Meeting with your Guests upon check-in to review any special features of your property (hurricane shutter operation, HVAC control panel, breaker boxes,
    appliances, etc.).
  • Using “preventative maintenance” techniques and utilizing competent and reputable contractors. Often minor proactive expenditures such as: installing new HVAC
    filters; appliance esting of smoke alarms; adjusting doors, window latches, and deadbolts; caulking and grouting; etc. can save substantial amounts of money.
  • We seriously consider the cost of repairs/restitution and inflated utility bills such as clogged heaters and air conditioner filters, damaged appliances,
    and potential health and safety issues created by procrastination. We require Guests to report issues as soon as they are discovered.

owner Testimonials

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Professional Management Company

Excellent management company that will protect your investment. They had driven sales over 25% higher over last year and a previous management company. Cleaners are drastically better than others on the island and the maintenance team is top notch. If you want a company that doesn't feel like a corporate structure and you can talk to your property manager that knows you. Give these guys a call!

Guest Rating

Happy Customer Candace

Thank you Steven and the CVR team for really taking the bull by the horns and getting the job done! I am so happy to have such clarity so early in the vacation rental season. It gives me such amazing peace of mind for the year ahead. Please continue to keep me updated but I am confident you will book my entire offerings, and at GREAT PRICES. *Owner's property booked over $60,000 in gross revenue within 4 months of management under CVR.

Anne Candace B.

Guest Rating

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