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This is a Guest Agreement (the “Agreement”) and constitutes a contract between (the “Guest” or “Guests”) and Coastal Vacation Rentals HHI, LLC (the “Company”). Each property is privately-owned including the furnishings, with the Company acting as agent for the owner. The Guest is a guest of the owner. The guest is not a tenant, and the guest is not acquiring any interest in the property. The Guest must sign and initial this Agreement where noted and return the signed and initialed Agreement to the Company within fourteen (14) days of making a reservation. (You will be emailed a copy to sign after booking your reservation)


Initial Payment – An initial deposit payment of 50% of the total rental amount charged including all fees/services/charges requested in advance of the scheduled rental (including travel insurance) is required to confirm the reservation. This 50% deposit must be paid by credit card. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Final Payment – Your full payment of the total rental and any other related fees/services/charges requested in advance (including travel insurance) must be received by the Company no later than thirty (30) days prior to your scheduled arrival. We will automatically bill the credit card on file for the reservation for your final payment. If additional services are requested during your stay, these will be charged to the credit card on file for the reservation.

Any increase in the amount imposed by the government (or any other applicable regulatory agency) tax, fees, or charges from the date this Agreement is executed through Guest’s departure date shall be paid by the Guest. Guest hereby authorizes Booking Agent to charge Guest’s credit card for the difference between the original tax amount previously paid by Guest and the new increased tax amount.


Holidays and RBC Heritage Week:
180+ days before scheduled check-in – 100% of deposit will be returned.
90-180 days before scheduled check-in – 50% of total cost of reservation will be forfeited.
Within 90 days of scheduled check-in – 100% of total cost of reservation will be forfeited.

All other days/weeks of the year:
60+ days before scheduled check-in – 100% of deposit will be returned.
30-60 days before scheduled check-in – 50% of total cost of reservation will be forfeited.
Within 30 days of scheduled check-in – 100% of total cost of reservation will be forfeited.

Trip Insurance – We recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect payments you’ve made under this Agreement in the event you may need to cancel. If Guest has purchased travel insurance, any or all trip reimbursement will be subject to the policy terms and conditions. The travel insurance agreement is between Guest and the Policy Provider. Coastal Vacation Rentals is not the policy provider.

Storms – There are no refunds in the event of a tropical storm, tropical depression, hurricane, or named/numbered storm, and all payments will be forfeited and are nonrefundable. If Guest has purchased travel insurance, any or all trip reimbursement is between you and the insurance company and will be subject to the policy terms and conditions. The travel insurance agreement is between Guest and the Policy Provider. Coastal Vacation Rentals is not the policy provider.

If you booked on VRBO or Airbnb, please refer to the cancellation policy on that platform.


At Coastal Vacation Rentals we pride ourselves on providing guests with the best properties, amenities and activities on Hilton Head Island. To help you understand the fees associated with your reservation and what benefit you receive, we have provided an explanation below:

Amenities Fee – Your reservation includes a 9.5% Amenity Fee that includes the following services:
Booking Fee – A $149 Booking Fee is applied to your reservation. This booking fee allows us to provide the best service to our guests. This includes luxury beach towels for every reservation, 8 for homes and 4 for villas. Most properties come equipped with Roku Streaming services allowing you to easily login to your favorite platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu so you can pick up where you left off on your favorite TV show or movie! Lastly, our reservations team consists of all locals and they have put together a list of recommendations on restaurants and activities in your Happy Stays portal!

Cleaning Fee – Your reservation includes a cleaning fee which covers linens, towels, and an initial starter kit. Your starter kit includes 1 roll of paper towels, 3 dish detergent pods, 3 laundry pods, 1 sponge, liquid dish soap, and a few trash bags. Each bathroom in the property comes with 2 rolls of toilet paper and travel sized hand soap, body soap, shampoo and conditioner. This kit is meant to last you 1-2 days. 2 bath towels and wash cloths will be provided for every person that is registered on the reservation. For properties with advertised sleeper sofas, a clean pack of linens will be provided should you decide to use this property amenity.


Check-in time – Guest acknowledges that check-in is NO EARLIER THAN 4:00 PM. In the event that a property is not ready by 4:00 PM, no rental refund will be issued.

Check-in procedure – When your balance is paid in full and we’ve received your signed Agreement (no later than thirty (30) days prior to your scheduled arrival), you will receive an email and text message for our express check-in procedures. This will give you details on how to download our Happy Stays app for all your check-in information. The check-in info will allow you access to all the pertinent information for your vacation rental property. This includes directions to the property, codes to access your front door, garage codes, Wi-Fi code and directions on where to pick up your car passes if you are staying in a Sea Pines or Shipyard property.

Check-out time – Guest acknowledges that check-out is NO LATER than 10:00 AM.


Age - Guest agrees that he or she is at least 25 years of age or older and will be occupying the property during the dates requested. Guest shall also identify (below) all children that may also be staying on the property during the occupancy.

Occupancy Limitations – The maximum number of guests is limited based on the property size. An additional charge of $100.00 per person, per night, for each additional or unauthorized overnight guest may be assessed. Any non-registered person visiting the property is the sole responsibility of the Guest.


Car Passes - If you are staying in Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, or Shipyard, you are required to have a gate pass for each car you are bringing. The number of car passes that can be requested is outlined in the property description and is based on parking spaces available. If no parking is outlined in the property description, only 2 car passes may be requested. 2 car passes are automatically included with your reservation, any additional car passes requested will be charged to the credit card on file. The car passes will be ordered in advance of your arrival. You will need to pick your car passes up at our office before heading to your property. Information on how to access our car pass lockbox will be emailed to you in your check-in instructions and texted as a reminder.

Parking Restrictions – Parking is limited to the number of spaces outlined in the property description. If parking is not outlined, 2 vehicles are allowed. For rentals within Palmetto Dunes, Sea Pines, Island Club, and Shipyard Plantation: motorcycles, campers or trailers, golf carts, recreational vehicles, and boat trailers are prohibited within the communities. Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.


Pet Policy – ONLY DOGS under 60 lbs are permitted at properties outlined as “pet-friendly”. Guest is not permitted to have dog at the property unless agreed upon by Company prior to arrival, and the nonrefundable dog fee is paid (except in the case of service animals or emotional support animals as described below). If a pet is found on the premise without advanced approval from Coastal Vacation Rentals or the owner, guests will be charged $100 per night per pet of contracted rental agreement dates and be asked to vacate the property without refund.

Pet-Friendly Reservations – Guest agrees to be responsible for picking up after any pet and won’t allow the animal to be left unattended. Animals are not permitted on furniture or beds in the property. If additional costs are incurred for cleaning, pick-up, flea treatments and/or similar actions are a result of an animal, the Guest’s credit card on files will be charged for these costs. The nonrefundable animal fee is $250.00 plus tax. Each additional dog is $250.00 plus tax (if the property allows for more than one dog). Guests agree to only have pre-approved dog(s) on the property.

Service and/or Emotional Support Animals – Company shall make reasonable accommodations upon written request for a service animal or an emotional support animal, in accordance with applicable law, and no advance animal fee shall be required. Guest must submit a written request for the service animal or emotional support animal in advance of their reservation. Company may request information and/or documentation in accordance with applicable law supporting the animal’s status as a service animal or emotional support animal, together with up-to-date veterinary records confirming the animal is current with all vaccinations. Company reserves the right to withdraw consent and demand removal of any previously permitted service animal or emotional support animal upon evidence of injury or damage to person or property caused by the animal, threatening or aggressive behavior of the animal, damage done by the animal to the property, non-compliance by the Guest with local ordinances and state laws regarding custody and control of the animal, or any other applicable law.

Nuisance Animals - Under no circumstances will a nuisance animal be tolerated on the property and the Company reserves the right to withdraw consent and demand removal of any animal on the property in the event it is reported or complaints are registered that the animal is a nuisance including, but not limited to, being off leash or out of Guest’s control, running unrestrained off the premises, aggressive or uncontrolled behavior towards other animals or persons, or excessive noise or barking. Such conduct may further include the Guest allowing the animal to defecate on the property or on others’ property without cleaning up after the animal. This prohibition specifically applies to all animals and including service animals and emotional support animals. If an animal fee has been paid, and the animal becomes a nuisance and must be removed from the property, any animal fee is forfeited and nonrefundable.


No Smoking/Vaping – ALL properties are designated as NO-Smoking, and includes no-vaping. If Company finds that a guest (including family members, friends, and all other guests and/or people Guest allows on the property (invitees)) has smoked or vaped in the property (or on the porch/patio or balcony) the Guest will be charged for any cost pertaining to any damage and including the removal of the smell to the property (i.e., carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, ozone machine rentals, etc.). These costs will be charged to the credit card on file for the reservation.


EV Chargers are available at select properties. Coastal Vacation Rentals and the property owner are not responsible for any damages to vehicle or person or bodily harm associated with using these chargers.


Pool Cleaning Services - Pools and spa (aka “hot tubs”) are serviced for each check-in and at least once weekly during peak season. Excessive sand, dirt, and/or tanning oil found in pools or hot tubs may require an additional cleaning fee, which will be charged to the Guest. 

Pool or Spa Heat – Pool or spa heat must be scheduled at least fourteen (14) days prior to arrival at an additional cost. If the weather drops below 50 degrees, the pool may not be capable of being heated. NO REFUND OF THE RENTAL WILL BE GIVEN IF THE POOL HEATING EQUIPMENT FAILS. Some villa and complex pool are heated seasonally; however, this is at the discretion of the owner’s association and cannot be guaranteed.

Waiver and Release – I understand that swimming entails risks which cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. On behalf of myself and invitees, I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, and assume full responsibility for my use, and the use of invitees, of any private pool on the property, any neighborhood or property owners' association pool, or any community-wide pool accessible to renters of the property. If me or any invitee is injured, or property is damaged or lost while using any such pool, I, on my behalf, on behalf of invitees, and on behalf of my heirs or personal representatives and the heirs or personal representatives of invitees, do release, waive, discharge, and hold harmless the Company Parties from, and agree not to sue the Company Parties or the owner for, claims for injury, loss, or damage that directly or indirectly results from use of any such pool.


Standard Clean - Your reservation includes a standard clean with the cleaning fee. This covers a one-time clean after your departure and provides you with fresh linens on every bed, sleeper sofa kits (if applicable) and fresh towels for each person the property sleeps. Any excessive cleaning required during or after Guests’ stay is to be determined by Property Manager and charged to the Guests’ credit card on file.

Mid-Stay Clean – No mid-stay cleans are included in weekly or monthly rentals. If Guest would like to purchase a mid-stay clean, please call our office. Any such costs shall be charged to the credit card on file for the reservation.


Coverage - The Company provides rental guests with protection for accidental damage during your stay. This protection will cover up to $1,000.00 for accidental damage to real or personal property. Malicious or intentional damage is not covered. The damage must be reported before Guest departure. This plan covers only guests who rent through the Company and is not available for any other invitees.


Guest agrees to abide by all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances, including any Planned Unit Development covenants, conditions or restrictions while occupying the property. Guest agrees and acknowledges that fireworks are prohibited by county ordinance. Additional town and community rules and regulations may apply and will be posted with the property. If Company learns that Guest or any invitees have violated any of these ordinances, rules, and/or regulations, Company may notify Guest that its rental is terminated. In such an event, Guest will immediately vacate the Premises, any deposits and fees paid to the Company for the rental shall be forfeited, and Guest will also be responsible for any costs and charges related to such termination. However, in additional to any forfeited deposits and fees, Company may recover from Guest any and all other damages, loss, and expense caused by the prohibited conduct of Guest and invitees.


Renters are responsible for adhering to all rules and regulations of the complexes or communities of the rental property. Failure to comply with complex rules can result in immediate cancellation of your rental reservation and occupancy of the dwelling. Additionally, Guest will forfeit all monies and will be responsible for any fines tickets or other penalties to do inappropriate behavior.

13 Sailmaster Common - Please be advised of the following violations that will result in renter fines. 1. No more than 6 guests. 2. Absolutely no pets allowed. 3. Do not have any clothing or towels from the railing or courtyard fences. 4. Secure all bungees on garbage cans. Do not leave any garbage or garbage bags lying outside in front or back of villa. 5. Pool Rules – no running, ball or frisbee throwing. No loud music. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Food and drinks are permitted but please use plastic only and remove waste.

Noise Regulation – In the Town of Hilton Head Island, SC, it is unlawful to unreasonable disturb the peace and quiet of those in their homes and public places. Quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM and noise regulations are enforced 24 hours each day.


Alligators – It is unlawful and illegal to feed or harass alligators. Do not swim in the lagoons or lakes; alligators may be present.

Sea Turtles – Sea Turtle nesting season is early May through the end of October. If you are staying in an oceanfront home, lights must be out 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM May through October. To help protect the Sea Turtles please remove all debris and trash from the beach, fill in your holes and flatten sandcastles, keep your distance from nests and don’t disturb tracks in the sand.


Emergency situations are anything considered to be a threat to the health and/or safety of our Guests or to the integrity of the property.  If you have an after-hours emergency, please call our office at 843-341-3330 and then press “1” or call 843-384-3673. In extreme emergencies, immediately dial 911. Any service call/emergency call deemed necessary due to renter misuse or neglect will be charged to guest.


Hold Harmless - Should the owner elect to remove this property from the management responsibility of Company or should the Premises be undergoing any major repairs or should the Premises be uninhabitable for any reason, Guest, on behalf of Guest and on behalf of invitees, shall hold the Company harmless from all related damages, loss, injury, cost or expense. Company will provide comparable accommodations where reasonable. In the event Company is unable to provide comparable accommodations, Guest shall be provided a refund of all deposits provided which shall be Guest’s sole and exclusive remedy. Guest acknowledges the assumption of risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other airborne viruses on his/its behalf and on behalf of invitees and agrees to hold Company harmless for any related damage, loss, injury, cost or expense, except in the event of gross negligence of any of the Company Parties.

Monthly Rentals - A monthly rental is considered any property rented for 28 or more days. Rentals over 28 days are not eligible for included golf and island activities through Xplorie.

Deposit Accounts – Guest acknowledges that Company places all rental deposits into an escrow account as required by South Carolina Real Estate Law. The Guest agrees that Company shall receive any and all interest that might be earned from this escrow account.

Entire Agreement; Amendment - Guest and Company acknowledge this Agreement contains the full and complete agreement between and among them and there are no oral or implied agreements or understandings which are not specifically set forth in this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended, supplemented or modified only by a written agreement signed by each of the parties hereto. Each party acknowledges that no party, or agent or attorney of any other party or any person, firm, corporation or any other person or entity has made any promise, representation or warranty whatsoever, expressed, implied or statutory, not contained herein concerning the subject matter hereof to induce the execution of this Agreement. Guest also acknowledges that Guest has not executed this Agreement in reliance on any promise, representation or warranty not contained in this Agreement.

Titles and Paragraph Headings - Titles and paragraph headings used herein shall be for the purposes of convenience only and shall not be considered substantive in matters of construction.

Ambiguities and Conflict - The legal principle of contract interpretation that an agreement shall be construed against the drafter shall not apply to this Agreement. For purposes of the construction or interpretation of this Agreement, the parties shall be deemed to have participated equally in its drafting.

Severability - In the event any term or provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, such invalid term or provision shall be severed and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other term or provision herein contained.

Governing Law and Venue - This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina without regard to principles of conflicts of law. The parties agree that any lawsuit concerning this Agreement and its subject matter shall be filed in Beaufort County, South Carolina

Electronic Signature - This Agreement may be executed by electronic or digital signatures in accordance with the South Carolina Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

I/we, the undersigned, hereby apply for the above listed accommodation and warrant that I/we have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this application, and I/we agree to abide by homeowners/agents/association restrictions on use of said property. I/we further understand and represent that I/we are executing this application on behalf of all parties named on the guest list.
By Checking the Terms and Conditions I agree that this is a legally binding document and I have read all terms and conditions in this document.