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The Sandbox Children’s Museum

The Sandbox is an interactive children’s museum in Hilton Head. Since opening its doors in 2005, this museum has disguised learning with playing. Their mission is to provide and safe and inclusive environment for children to learn and explore through hands-on discovery.  


The Sandbox has a wide variety of exhibits for children to interact with. The Sandcastle is the featured exhibit. This is a magical two-story sandcastle structure in the middle of the museum. Inside the castle are a reading corner, STEM shadow room, puppet theater, dress-up area, and a swirly slide. Other exhibits include STEM Alley, flight lab, kinetic sand tables, interactive Lego wall, light bright, light table, bubbles and lights, our Gullah, beaches vet clinic, Island grocery, Charlies Petite E’Toile Verte Cafe, Bepaw and Mimi’s Dolphin Cove, Shrimp Tales, Flight Deck, Paravion Island Tire Garage, Build It!, and Outside Sandbox.  


Throughout the year, The Sandbox holds multiple events a month and has many special events every year. From family events to kids-only events, the museum holds various events on specific days of the month to make the museum more accessible for kids to explore the exhibits and enjoy something new.