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There’s nothing quite like the South Carolina coast—windswept vistas with wildlife in the winter, scorching summers on the beach, and ultimate perfection in the spring. With the water reaching swimmable temperatures, humidity at its lowest in April, and highs of around 82 degrees in May make this a fantastic time for a road trip to the coast, and there’s no place better than the elegant shores of Hilton Head Island. Whether you’re a spring golfer teeing off at local courses, or just a beach lover, you’ll find this is an excellent season to visit, from the wildlife watching that’s offered to the mostly sunny days. If you like a bit of coastal luxury, bikeable streets, and miles of pristine Atlantic coastline, then you’ll adore a road trip to Hilton Head Island!

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An Effortless Road Trip to the Coast

From decades ago, to the modern age, it’s always been an iconic past time to take a road trip to the coast, particularly during the springtime. Wherever your beginning point is, you’re likely to discover much along the way, from quaint country highways to well-known tourist attractions. South Carolina has an intricate system of roads and highways that will allow you to approach from many directions, from the northern east coast or from the complete opposite western coast. If you grew up on the east coast, you’re probably familiar with these epic journeys to beach towns, and it’s always a great idea to continue the tradition. From South Carolina locals to out of state vacationers, Hilton Head Island has long been a popular road trip destination!

Explore the Sights of the East Coast

If you’ve traveled along the east coast before, you know that while some drives might take hours, you can reach many places in a day or less. Whether you’re heading over from a neighboring state or taking a lengthier route from somewhere else in the country, you’ll find many worthwhile stops along the way. Those that are approaching from the northeast can stop by must-see sights like Baltimore and Washington D.C., and if you’re even further north you can stop by New York City or Philadelphia on your way down as well. If you can fit it in, the charming streets of Charleston offer tons of culture and history, as well as excellent dining and local attractions. Those coming from the south can make other exciting coastal stops, and if you are driving from across the country you could stop anywhere from Chicago to Atlanta to New Orleans.

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Ready Your Vehicle Before Departing

When you’re planning a road trip, it’s always a wise idea to get it checked out ahead of time, even if it’s just an air check or oil change. Consider downloading a map of your route ahead of time just in case you lose service on some of our quainter country roads. Another smart idea is to bring your cooler of snacks and drinks, which can double as a beach picnic cooler. Remember you can always visit the state’s department of transportation to order a free map, check out road closures, and pre-plan your rest stops. Each website will offer unique traveler’s resources for that state and can always give you a few extra ideas for the journey.

Discover Hilton Head Island Your Own Way

When you have your car on vacation, the world opens up to you! Although our beautiful island is quite bikeable, and even offers bike-friendly beaches, it’s convenient to have a car. It allows you to explore further out points of interest such as the Pinckney National Wildlife Refuge, the Coastal Discovery Museum, and even nearby Savannah for a day trip. Enjoy the luxury of driving to your own tee time or being able to explore things on your own terms, like a different beach every day. You can even book coastal tours and take advantage of being able to make it easily to the marina. From visiting the Harbour Town Lighthouse to traveling to the Sea Pines Forest Reserve, you’ll find there’s always something to do on Hilton Head Island!

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